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5.35.110 Deeper drilling.
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(a) Once any well has either been completed as a producer or abandoned as a dry hole, it shall be unlawful and an offense for any person to drill such well to a deeper depth than that reached in the prior drilling operations without the permittee as to such well obtaining a supplemental permit after filing a supplemental application with the City Manager or designee specifying:

(1) The then condition of the well and the casing therein;

(2) The depth to which it is proposed such well be deepened;

(3) The proposed casing program to be used in connection with proposed deepening operations;

(4) An evidence of adequate current tests showing that the casing strings in said well currently passed the same tests as are in this chapter provided for in case of the drilling of the original well.

(b) In the event the City Manager is satisfied that said well may be deepened with the same degree of safety as existed in the original well, a supplemental permit may be issued without an additional filing fee to the permittee authorizing the deepening and operation of the well to such specified depth as applied for.

(c) In any deeper drilling or any deeper completion of any deeper production operations, the permittee shall comply with all other provisions contained in this chapter and applicable to the drilling, completion, and operation of a well or wells.

(Ords. 508, 800, 3082-2019)