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1.10.060 Calling special meetings.
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(a) The Mayor or any four (4) Council Members may call a special meeting of the Council upon not less than four (4) days written or oral notice communicated to each Council Member and the Mayor. A special meeting called on shorter notice than four (4) days shall be a valid meeting if the Council, by unanimous vote of all Council Members present at the meeting, adopts a motion or resolution finding that an emergency justifying such meeting exists and that the public interest requires the Council to meet on shorter notice. An emergency exists when, in the judgment of the Council, immediate action of the Council is necessary to protect or preserve the finances of the City and/or to protect or preserve the public peace, health, or safety.

(b) The City Clerk shall give oral or written notice of a special meeting to each Council Member at least four (4) days before the time of holding such special meeting; however, no service of notice of the special meeting need be made upon the person(s) who issued the call of the special meeting or where the call of the meeting was made at a regular meeting of the Council. Written notice shall be considered sufficient if delivered by electronic means or if delivered to the usual place of residence or business of any Council Member, or to any person residing or working therein who is over the age of fourteen (14) years.

(c) For the purpose of giving notice of a special meeting, reasonable public notice is given if a statement containing the date, time, and place of the meeting, along with the expected subject(s) of discussion, is published not less than three (3) days before the time of the meeting by posting the statement in a minimum of three (3) public places within the City, one of which places shall be the official bulletin board of the City at City Hall. A copy of the notice of the special meeting shall also be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City and be posted to the City’s website. The specific public notice requirements shall not be jurisdictional to the holding of any such meeting at which the Council has determined that circumstances exist to justify calling a special meeting on an emergency basis.

(d) The City Clerk shall include in the journal of the special meeting an affidavit (or affidavits) documenting service of the notice of the special meeting on the Council Members as well as the publication of the notice and agenda of the special meeting.

(e) No business may be transacted at any special meeting except as stated in the notice of the meeting.

(KC 1-7; Ord. 2497-2010)