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Statutory References

for Alaska Cities

The statutory references listed below direct the code user to those portions of the state statutes that are applicable to the laws of the municipality. This reference list is current through July 2015.

Administration and Personnel

Appointment of officials. AS 29.20.360

Appeals from administrative decisions. AS 29.40.050

Assembly. AS 29.20.050 through 29.20.120

Bonding. AS 29.20.610

General Powers. AS 29.35.010

Compensation of elected officials. AS 29.20.620

Conflict of interest. AS 29.20.010

Elections. AS 29.26.010 through 29.26.070

Historic District and commission. AS 29.55.010 through 29.55.020

Legislative Powers. AS 29.20.050

Homeland Security & Civil Defense Powers of the Dept. of Military & Veterans’ Affairs. AS 26.20.020

Local health administration. AS 18.10.010 et seq.

Manager plan. AS 29.20.460 through 29.20.520

Municipal attorney. AS 29.20.370

Municipal clerk. AS 29.20.380

Municipal executive and administrator. AS 29.20.220 through 29.20.280

Municipal treasurer. AS 29.20.390

Oaths of office. AS 29.20.600

Open public meetings. AS 29.20.020 and 44.62.310

Personnel system authorized. AS 29.20.410

Planning commission. AS 29.40.020

Procedures of Governing Bodies. AS 29.20.160

School districts and boards. AS 14.12.010 through 14.12.115 and 29.20.300

Schools, Local Administration of. AS 14.14.020 et seq.

Utility boards. AS 29.20.310

Vacancies in office. AS 29.20.170-29.20.180 and 29.20.280

Buildings and Construction

Trailer camps. AS 18.35.010 et seq.

Business Licenses and Regulations

Alcoholic Beverages. AS 29.35.080


Air Quality Control. AS 29.35.055

General Provisions

Alcoholic beverages municipal regulation. AS 4.21.010 and 4.16.070

Codification of city ordinances. AS 29.25.050

General powers. AS 29.35.010 et seq.

Municipal enactments. AS 29.25.010 et seq.

Penalties for ordinance violations. AS 29.25.070

Health and Safety

Food and drugs. AS 17 et seq.

Garbage and solid waste. AS 29.35.050

Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials. AS 29.35.500 et seq.

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Curfew. AS 29.35.085

Drugs. AS 11.71

Enforcement of ordinances. AS 29.25.070

Offenses against family. AS 11.51.100 through 11.51.140

Offenses against the person. AS 11.41.100 through 11.41.530

Offenses against property. AS 11.46.100 through 11.46.990

Offenses against public administration. AS 11.56.100 through 11.56.900

Offenses against public health and decency. AS 11.66.100 through 11.66.300

Offenses against public order. AS 11.61.100 through 11.61.250

Prohibition of use of electronic devices while driving. AS 28.35.16

Unmanned aircraft systems (drones). AS 29.35.140

Weapons. AS 29.35.145

Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Extraterritorial jurisdiction. AS 29.35.020

Special assessments and service areas. AS 29.46


Subdivisions and dedications. AS 40.15

Vehicles and Traffic

Impoundment and forfeiture. AS 28.01.015

Local regulation of traffic. AS 28.01.010

Snow vehicles. AS 28.39