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Section 2:  Interment and Disinterment or Niche Opening and Closing
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a. The City Clerk shall be provided with the appropriate State burial and transit permits before interment or inurnment will be permitted. The burial plots can be used for no other purpose than interment and cremains plots or columbarium niches can be used for no other purpose but inurnment.

b. Interment or disinterment shall be made in compliance with all State and City laws and regulations.

c. Prior to interment or inurnment a marker or headstone deposit is required. Such deposit shall be established and maintained in the City’s Schedule of Rates, Charges, and Fees, and must be paid to the City of Kenai. Deposit refunds will be issued after proper installation of marker or headstone. If after eighteen (18) months (plots) and six (6) months (columbarium’s) a permanent marker or headstone has not been installed, the City shall install a marker or flat headstone utilizing the deposit as payment.

d. Markers and headstones for cemetery plots may be set in a concrete base and installed at the head of the grave, centered and inside the plot area. The Parks and Recreation Director must be notified prior to any plot preparation, construction, or placement of headstone or marker. If religious practices make the conformance of this requirement impossible, the old section of the cemetery may be utilized. This decision will be at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Director or designee.

e. All niche openings and closings shall be overseen by the Parks and Recreation Department. A niche may be opened only at the request of the niche owner as listed in the cemetery records or as determined by the City Clerk. The initial opening and closing (inurnment) of the niche is included in the original cost of the niche. Additional openings and closings thereafter are charged at a rate pursuant to the City’s fee structure. Markers for columbarium niches shall follow a standard format, font, and size as determined by the City and shall include the first and last name of the deceased, year of birth, and year of death.

f. Only interment or inurnment of human remains is permitted in the Kenai Municipal Cemetery.

g. No more than one (1) grave marker per plot shall be allowed.

h. One (1) casket and up to two (2) cremains may be buried in a standard or infant plot. Up to three (3) cremains may be buried in a standard or infant plot. Only one (1) cremain may be buried in a cremain plot. Up to two (2) cremains may be inurned in a standard niche.

(Ords. 2020-2003, 2969-2017)