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(a) This chapter applies to each person who occupies space as a tenant in the City’s terminal building on the Airport under a lease or other agreement with the City.

(b) Each tenant must occupy the terminal space designated for their specific type of operation.

(c) Each air carrier that is a tenant must lease and occupy an area of not less than one hundred fifty (150) square feet of ticket counter space and three hundred (300) square feet of office space, and have direct access to the existing baggage build-up area. Air carriers may share existing facilities under an approved lease-sublease agreement.

(d) Each car rental concessionaire must occupy an area of not less than one hundred (100) square feet of designated terminal space.

(e) All other concessions and tenants in the terminal building shall operate in existing designated facilities unless specific alterations are approved by the City Manager.

(f) No temporary, non-profit, or public service activity shall be operated in the terminal without the permission of the Airport Manager and may not operate for more than thirty (30) days without approval of the City Manager.

(g) Vending machines, newspapers and other publications shall be placed in the terminal building only with the permission and direction of the Airport Manager.

(Ords. 290, 305, 316, 327, 358, 365, 461, 904; memo dated 2-25-2015)