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8.15.060 Routine inspection.
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(a) The Fire Chief shall inspect or cause to be inspected, as often as may be necessary, residentially zoned districts and once per year in areas zoned for commercial or other high density uses in the closely built portions of the City all buildings, premises, and public thoroughfares, except the interiors of private dwellings, for the purpose of ascertaining and causing to be corrected any conditions liable to cause fire or any violations of the provisions or intent of any ordinance or regulations of the City related to fire hazards.

(b) Whenever any inspector shall find in any building or upon any premises or other place combustible or explosive matter or dangerous accumulations of rubbish or unnecessary accumulation of waste paper, boxes, shavings, or any highly flammable materials especially liable to fire, and which is so situated as to endanger property, or shall find obstructions to or on fire escapes, stairs, passageways, doors, or windows liable to interfere with the operations of the Fire Department or egress of occupants in case of fire, he shall order the same to be removed and remedied, and such order shall forthwith be complied with by the owner or occupant of such premises or buildings, subject to appeal within 24 hours to the Fire Chief, as provided in KMC 8.15.070.

(c) The service of any such order may be made upon the occupant of premises to whom it is directed, either by delivering a copy of same to such occupant personally or by delivering the same to and leaving it with any person in charge of the premises, or in case no such person is found upon the premises, by affixing a copy thereof in a conspicuous place on the said premises. Whenever it may be necessary to serve such an order upon the owner of premises, such order may be served either by delivering to and leaving with said person a copy of said order, or, if such owner is absent from the jurisdiction of the officer making the order, by mailing such copy to the owner’s last known post office address.

(Ords. 178, 411)