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A hearing pursuant to this Code shall inquire into the manner of conduct of the premises licensed for liquor dispensary operation or commercial marijuana operation, and the Council may establish standards for the individual licensee in question, to be incorporated into a resolution, with respect to the premises which are the subject of the hearing in question to include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

(a) Conduct of the business by the transferee or applicant and employees, as well as past conduct of the transferor;

(b) Maintenance of health standards on the premises in question or any improvements to be required;

(c) Set an amount of public liability insurance to apply to the licensed premises which shall carry reasonable limits consistent with industry standards;

(d) Payment to the City of all taxes or obligations of the premises involved and limited to such premises;

(e) A requirement that the operations of the premises shall be for a period of not less than nine (9) months out of each calendar year of operation;

(f) A finding that disorderly conduct has occurred on the premises at least three times in the course of any one particular calendar year—such violations to include instances where the licensee has failed to request assistance of the police in maintaining order;

(g) And such other aspects of the proposed operation as would reasonably be a matter for public concern pursuant to the police powers of the City of Kenai, Alaska.

(KC 2-4; Ords. 918, 2892-2016)