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11.20.480 Lessee’s obligation to remove liens.
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Lessee will not permit any liens including, but not limited to, mechanics’, laborers’, or material-men’s liens obtainable or available under the then existing laws, to stand against the leased premises or improvements for any labor or material furnished to lessee or claimed to have been furnished to lessee or to lessee’s agents, contractors, or sublessees, in connection with work of any character performed or claimed to have been performed on said premises or improvements by or at the direction or sufferance of lessee, provided, however, lessee shall have the right to provide a bond as contemplated by Alaska law and contest the validity or amount of any such lien or claimed lien. On final determination of such lien or such claim for lien, lessee will immediately pay any judgment rendered with all proper costs and charges and shall have such lien released or judgment satisfied at lessee’s own expense. (Ord. 532)